Is Youtube worth watching?

Is Youtube worth watching?

YouTube is more popular than ever. Many people watch internet video on YouTube, and that includes children.

YouTube has become a central source of information for many people and there are numerous videos on the site about how to do certain things like cooking, DIY projects, music lessons, and language lessons for those who want to learn a new language.

I love YouTube and I have found it very useful. So why am I asking whether YouTube is worth watching?

This is a serious question because the internet is full of things that are not necessarily good for us. There are many things on YouTube that are better left unseen – so much so, that many schools and workplaces have blocked YouTube from their computers, just in case someone decides to browse it.

YouTube is not always bad, though. There are many videos on YouTube that are entertaining and even educational. To find these videos, you don’t need to search YouTube, though. Use the search engine here:

So it depends on how you are using it. if you’re using it for a shorter time but for valuable things then obviously it’s worth watching but if you’re watching full day for entertainment or news and it’s not.

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